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Sep 29 11:58 wildwood woody Says- after 1981 they became stall shows were to predictable
Sep 29 11:54 wildwood woody Says- original music had no depth or creativity did not use musical ability in the music
Sep 29 11:51 wildwood woody Says- witness79 thru 81 incredable talent best cover band ever
Sep 29 11:49 wildwood woody Says- the hooters never really made it either albums where flops made it big in germany
Aug 10 18:29 mebilly1 Says- That's why The Hooters made it and they didn't. Just speaking the truth.
Aug 10 18:27 mebilly1 Says- But the original songs were stupid.
Aug 10 18:26 mebilly1 Says- No other band was as entertaining as they were. Billy Spence especially.
Aug 10 18:25 mebilly1 Says- No oyjer band evre dared to play old Genesis, Yes,Jethro Tull and classic Billy Joel like they did. Outstanding
Aug 10 18:23 mebilly1 Says- The best cover band ever, YES
Aug 10 18:23 mebilly1 Says- They suck. It's OK to admit it. Weak forgetful writing.
Aug 10 18:21 mebilly1 Says- Take songs like "We'll keep rocking into the night", "Tommy's new gutiar" and "Teresa"
Aug 10 18:20 mebilly1 Says- The rteason they never made it big was honestly, their original songs were quite weak.
Aug 10 18:18 mebilly1 Says- As great musicians Witness no question, were and still are...
Aug 10 18:16 mebilly1 Says- A question was asked in the pages of the band's bio of why Witness never made it big. Why other bands that shared the stage on occasion with Witness had been much more succesful.
Aug 10 18:13 mebilly1 Says- Witness was the best COVER band I've ever seen
Jan 05 22:32 JD Says- Something may be happening this year, 2013. See the "What's New Blog
Jun 30 06:09 Billy Guitar Says- Please let me know of any gigs or reunions, in the future, I can`t wait to see you all again!
Jun 30 06:04 Billy Guitar Says- I uesd to come with my two good friends, DEE DEE and MARITA. We must have seen 50 shows, between 1980 and 1983! Thanks Witness.
Apr 08 22:05 Mitch Says- Hey Witness friends....I'll be performing with "The Rip CHords" on May 19th at the hershey Park Amphitheater. Stop on out and catch me playing some Guitar onstage instead of Drums!
Dec 04 00:51 JD Says- Three of our Witness alumnia have become involed in a Genesis tribute band that is real good! Check out the What's New Blog!